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Sustainability and efficiency for the material handling industry

Schaltbau sales engineers have access to a treasure trove of knowledge and experience including a host of realised applications. As a result, you benefit from analogies and empirical data that may be of some value for your application.

Constantly rising prices for energy and raw materials are prompting manufacturers in the intralogistics sector to develop sustainable products that achieve higher performance using less energy. The topics “alternative energy sources” and “energy-efficient use of industrial trucks” play an important role in this regard.

With new variants of charging connectors and combi contactors, Schaltbau offers solutions for the industrial trucks of tomorrow.


Electrical components for battery-powered industrial trucks

Electric forklift trucks are used in environments which prioritise an emissions-free atmosphere and noise reduction. These vehicles work reliably, offering a durable and energy-efficient solution. High-performance batteries, which yield enough energy for two shifts without changing batteries, are an essential prerequisite for this. This is where the proven charging connectors from Schaltbau come in.
With its combi contactor, Schaltbau supports industrial truck manufacturers in realising their requirements for the custom specification of vehicles.

Schaltbau Power Bridge – High Power Connectors

Charging connectors for electric forklift trucks: Thanks to their modular design, Schaltbau charging connectors offer scalable solutions spanning the vehicle, battery and charger. The LV series ensures safe and reliable power transmission of up to 500 A.
As a result, industrial truck batteries are charged in a short space of time and are therefore quickly ready to return to service. Energy, air, water and data can all be delivered using a single charging interface.

Snap-action switches for top-notch safety

The S870 and S880 series are ideally suited to systems with high safety requirements – such as tiller heads in pedestrian-operated industrial trucks – as these ensure that the anti-trap protection in electric lift trucks works reliably.

Battery contactors

Schaltbau contactors are ideal for switching direct currents ranging from 60 to 320 A and battery voltages of up to 80 V. The C110B and C137 to C165 series are used in electric forklift trucks, and the AFS series is deployed as the main or auxiliary contactor. These products’ features deliver on the requirements of traction batteries for modern industrial trucks and other battery-powered material handling vehicles.

Combi contactors

The C130 combi contactor pools multiple functions into one single device: emergency switch, main contactor, auxiliary contacts and fuses. As a result, there is no need for installing, wiring and checking individual parts. The specifications can be adjusted to suit each individual customer’s needs.