LV Series – high power charging connectors

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High resistance to shock and vibration

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More power for fast charging – LV-HPC (High Power Connector)

For operators of large fleets of forklifts, the focus is on either short charging times or increased storage capacities for vehicle batteries. This is realised by means of higher charging currents or the use of lithium-ion batteries. These are maintenance-free and thus last twice as long. What is more, unlike lead-acid batteries, it is possible to use virtually all of their capacity. Deep discharge is prevented by using a battery management system. A further positive aspect is their fast charging capability. Only one hour is now required to completely recharge these batteries. It is thus possible to avoid changing the battery in many cases.

Schaltbau has responded to this market requirement with the new LV-HPC charging connector.


LV Series HPC (High Power Connector)

Charging connectors must adhere to the maximum temperature difference allowed during the charging process. The socket contacts of the LV-HPC connector are designed in such a way that the contacts can carry high currents without overheating. They comply with DIN VDE 0623-589 for a higher current-carrying capacity.

Additional pilot contacts can be used for the function of the battery management system, which constantly monitors the condition of the (li-ion) battery, thereby guaranteeing maximum battery life.



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Reconciling safety and efficiency

From our decades of experience in the market for connectors, contactors and safety switches, we are well aware that no compromises should ever be made when it comes to safety. As a result, our quest for improvements often leads us to the details. The efficiency of our products is protected by numerous patents, which we can offer you in three different ways: as a finished item from our product line, a special solution with small modifications or a completely new development.